Features of Instagram

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Февраль 6th, 2021

Features of InstagramThe social network Instagram has been known all over the world for several years. And every year this application is gaining momentum. The Instagram app is absolutely free and can be installed on almost any mobile device.

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Why Instagram is needed

With the help of Instagram, users share their photos, videos, various publications. But some Instagrammers successfully make money with this app. Instagram is great as a marketplace. In the settings, you can use a business account to keep statistics of visits and increase income. Also, popular Instagram users make good money on advertising. Advertisers offer great deals to those with a large following. Therefore, many are striving to increase their online audience.

What is Instagram Story

On Instagram not so long ago, an option appeared called Stories or story, as users call it. With Stories, you can post short videos as well as photos. The peculiarity of this option is that a video or photo can be watched for 24 hours. The record then disappears. Stories is convenient because no spam is posted in the news feed. Some users don’t know what it means to hide Instagram stories. But in fact, such a function exists. You can restrict access to certain people in the settings when creating a story. You can also prohibit the re-inspection of history through the settings.

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